Build Update #2

After a really fast start and highly noticeable changes in the first week, all the electrical wiring had to go up, which is much more detail oriented. I did several walk through visits with Jeremy Scholz of Petra Builders and Tom Sullivan of PSC Dental Group to make sure that every detail was in order before moving on to the next phase- hanging sheet rock and dry wall. Everyone is doing a great job! Family Orthodontics is coming right along!

Future reception desk!

All the wood stud backing has been put in place!

The entrance to our future consult room!

Our future video game room!

Future pan/ceph and records room!

Concrete has been poured over the plumbing cuts, with inspection approved plumbing and electric!

Location of future chair in treatment bay!

View from the treatment bay looking out!

We are on track for construction completion around the end of September!

Next update will be after the sheet rock and dry wall are up, then we will really feel what the rooms will look like!

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