Build Update #4- Family Orthodontics Wellington Office

We hope you enjoy this fourth installment of the construction progress for Family Orthodontics! Much has happened since our last post, and we are almost ready to open the doors for our first patients! We are planning to open the week of 10/22!

Everything has been coming along well! this is the beginning of the progress photos since the last post… 🙂

Progress of the entryway…

Hurricane Isaac rained on our plans, literally;) After receiving over 18in of rain, we had to do a moisture test on the concrete before laying our flooring material- we learned that the concrete had 4x more moisture than it should, and proceeded to be set back by about 1.5 weeks to treat the floor for moisture contamination. Oh construction;)

Wellington flooding, compliments of Hurricane Issac…

This is what the floor treatment looked like before we put the final floor covering on the concrete.

Putting down the beautiful new flooring! I love it! 🙂

Beautiful flooring in the treatment bay:)

Doors were delivered and ready to be installed…

Installing the doors, floorboard, and chairboard…

Cabinets were made and being installed…

Our beautiful granite was installed:)

Our future coffee bar for moms and patients to fuel up at each visit! 🙂

View down the hallway…it is really coming together!:)

The future lab space…

The IT board that runs our efficient paperless office! 🙂

Our beautiful brand new state-of-the-art digital pan and ceph x-ray machine, taking great x-rays at a fraction of the radiation dose of machines of old! 🙂

Last but definitely not least for this post is our rooftop sign going up!

Family Orthodontics! Horaaay!! 🙂

We are so excited to be here and to open the doors very soon! We should pass our final inspections tomorrow, have our certificate of occupancy by mid week next week, business tax receipts by the following week, and ready to open the doors by no later than the week of 10/22!

Thank you for following the build out on our blog! We look forward to serving you for your orthodontic needs:)

God bless:)

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