Discover the Favorite Wellington Orthodontist at Family Orthodontics

Discover the Favorite Wellington Orthodontist at Family OrthodonticsWhat are some of the options Wellington, Florida residents have when they schedule an appointment about their crooked teeth? The first consultation with orthodontist Dr. Danny Bass is complimentary. He reviews available treatments for children or adults, depending on the patient’s age. Perhaps you feel embarrassed about delaying an appointment for so long or you just heard from your dentist that other types of braces are available in addition to traditional wire braces.

It really doesn’t matter why you put off making an appointment. The important thing is that you’re ready to make a change in your smile, the foods you eat, and your dental health. Perhaps you want wire braces to shift and properly position your teeth. You may also choose the virtually invisible computer-generated plastic trays that gradually reposition teeth to the desired range.

One reason Invisalign braces are popular is the freedom they provide in a person’s lifestyle. Uncomfortable, highly visible headgear is not required to straighten teeth. It can take up to two years to complete the process, but your trips to the dentist and Family Orthodontics in Wellington will be shorter. The removable trays let you brush and floss as prescribed, keeping your teeth and gums healthy while removing plaque and small bits of food that encourage bacteria.

Participate in the sports you enjoy, whether it’s running, hiking, or basketball. There are no wires to break, so those types of activities are permitted. Take out the trays before you eat and enjoy once-forbidden foods for anyone wearing braces. Popcorn, peanut butter sandwiches, and corn on the cob are examples of edible items to satisfy your hunger. Simply brush, rinse, and floss before putting the trays back into place.

If you’ve been considering improving your smile, schedule an appointment with Dr. Bass today. The waiting area has free Wi-Fi so you can connect with customers, friends, and family before your appointment. Call Family Orthodontics in Wellington today at 561-762-6200.