Family Orthodontics is a Top Choice for Orthodontic Dentistry in West Palm Beach

If you need braces, don’t trust your smile to less than the best. Your smile is one of your biggest assets, and you should put it in the hands of someone who has your best interests at heart. Dr. Danny Bass is quickly becoming the go-to guy for orthodontic dentistry in West Palm Beach. Folks of all ages are loving his personable, friendly, caring approach to orthodontic care, and they’re telling their friends!

Of course, we know that plenty of people claim to be the best. Talk is cheap though, and that’s why we don’t spend a lot of time making big claims. Instead, we spend our time showing our patients how important they are to us. While we strive to be the best in every way, it’s our patients who are making us the top pick for orthodontic dentistry in West Palm Beach. They love the way we do things around here, and they’re letting others know.

Why are folks loving our practice? Because we’re focused fully on providing a great experience for each and every one of our patients. We’re more concerned with quality than we are with quantity, so we schedule plenty of time for each patient. That means that Dr. Danny will never be rushed during your appointments, and he’ll have ample time to make sure that your teeth are treated well. He’ll be able to chat with you about your needs and address any concerns that you might have.

Of course, caring alone isn’t enough. Dr. Danny offers some pretty impressive credentials as well. He received his dental and orthodontic training at the University of Florida, where he spent a number of additional years perfecting his craft and enhancing his skills. When you sit in Dr. Danny’s chair, you can trust that you’re getting the very best care around.

So why trust your teeth to less than the best? Our patients count on Dr. Danny for their orthodontic dentistry in West Palm Beach for a reason. Give us a call at 561-762-6200, or come on by and see the difference for yourself!