The Importance of Early Orthodontics Care in Wellington, Florida

Most folks begin to consider orthodontic care when a problem has fully developed and needs to be corrected. This is why we’ve long seen teenagers in braces or other corrective devices. But did you know that extensive treatment can actually be avoided by opting for early orthodontics care in Wellington? Rather than treating the symptoms of poor alignment, we can actually deal with the root cause and minimize the need for intensive treatment down the line.

How We Preempt Problems

Thanks to modern orthodontic technology, we can actually predict growth patterns in the teeth and jaws – even from a very young age. By studying your child’s facial structure, jaws, and bite patterns, we can anticipate potential problems before symptoms even occur. We can usually avoid invasive measures like extraction by gently guiding the growth of a child’s face, jaw and arches so. By guiding growth and building healthy oral habits, we can help your child to grow a full set of healthy, straight teeth – free from crowding and malocclusion. This is possible when you choose early orthodontics care in Wellington, Florida.

Why Early Care Matters

Orthodontic care goes far beyond the aesthetic. While a beautiful, straight smile is certainly an asset to any child, there are some very real health benefits that go way beyond simple appearances. Of course, straight teeth are easier to clean, which means your child will face fewer problems with tooth decay and gum disease. Further than that, properly aligned jaws and teeth can actually prevent problems like sleep apnea, breathing disorders, and respiratory inflammation.

The benefits even extend beyond your child’s health, when you consider the financial advantages to early orthodontic care. Since early care is non-invasive and because it rarely requires extensive action, you as a parent won’t be paying nearly as much for your child’s dental health.

Start Early Care Today!

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