Invisalign in Royal Palm Beach: The Simple, Comfortable Approach to Teeth Alignment

So many people believe that crooked teeth are simply an aesthetic problem that will have an effect on their self-confidence. While this is the reason why dental help is sought most often, it’s not the best one.

Misalignment can lead to many serious problems. Gum disease, jaw bone problems and even tooth loss can result from crooked teeth that aren’t treated properly.

If you’re seeking a treatment in Royal Palm Beach, you’re probably considering standard braces. They’re still a viable option but an alternative does exist. The alternative is called Invisalign – clear, comfortable and removable braces.

Invisalign in Royal Palm Beach: A New Generation of Orthotics

Invisalign is the name of clear braces that are custom-made for every single patient. They’re made of an innovative material that aims to gently shift the position of the teeth. As a result, such braces can be used to deal with issues like gaps, crooked teeth and even bite problems.

The braces are changed frequently for the purpose of improving misalignment and other issues. Usually, adjustments will be required every week or as often as an experienced orthodontist recommends.

Not only are Invisalign braces virtually invisible, the treatment with them lasts a shorter period of time. Most standard problems can be dealt with within one year. A more complex issue will be addressed in up to 18 months.

Why Invisalign?

The benefits of opting for Invisalign in Royal Palm Beach are many.

For a start, these braces are much more comfortable than the ones featuring metal components. They can be taken out of the mouth effortlessly for the purpose of eating, drinking, flossing or brushing the teeth.

Teenagers and young adults are incredibly conscious about their appearance and afraid of eventual bullying. With Invisalign braces, the risk of getting teased is minimal. The braces have a positive effect on the patient’s confidence and they also increase motivation for sticking with the treatment.

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