This Orthodontist near West Palm Beach is a Top Choice

OrthodontistSearching for a dentist online or in a West Palm Beach phone book provides lots of information. There are so many specialized areas! Is a family dentist or endodontist the right professional to call? If you’re wondering about how your child’s teeth are developing, an orthodontist is a top choice. A checkup while the baby teeth are still in place provides an excellent evaluation of possible problems with spacing, alignment and other things that affect permanent teeth.

Good teeth rely on more than heredity or luck. A proper diet, flossing, and brushing will help provide all the features you expect from a good set of pearly whites, including the gleam and shine. Regular dental checkups and cleaning are also part of a program for strong, healthy teeth.

An orthodontist, such as Dr. Danny Bass, DMD, MS, checks to make sure there is room along the jaws for permanent teeth to replace the baby teeth. He’ll also check to be sure the teeth below the surface are forming properly and the way they are positioned. It’s important for them to come in straight without crowding the other teeth in the mouth. The staff at Family Orthodontics near West Palm Beach, Florida are pleased to answer your questions about the benefits of this complimentary consultation.

If you are one of the adults who missed out on braces when you were younger, the dental industry offers several varieties that will meet your needs. A beautiful smile and the elimination of jaw and joint pain caused by crooked teeth make grownups feel better about their appearance. You’ll be able to eat foods you’ve avoided for years because it hurts to bite. Ask your benefits coordinator at work about coverage through your plan.

Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Bass is the first step towards preventing or fixing situations like an overbite or twisted teeth. He will explain what can be done, how the treatment works, and how long it takes. Call the orthodontist near West Palm Beach for an appointment today at 561-762-6200.