Phase Two Orthodontics in Wellington: What’s the Treatment and is it Right for You?

Orthodontic treatments have been modernized over the past few years. Today, patients can choose among many options on the basis of their doctor’s recommendation. Two-phase orthodontic treatments will often be recommended because specialized problems will be addressed much more adequately this way.

What is a Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment?

As the name suggests, the orthodontic treatment will be split in two parts – phase one and phase two.

Usually, the first phase occurs early on in life. After the completion of this first phase, the orthodontist will be responsible for monitoring the effect and evaluating jaw growth. Depending on the situation and the specific needs of the patient, the orthodontist will then approve the second phase of the treatment.

Phase Two Orthodontics in Wellington

During the second treatment stage, orthodontics will be used to build upon the results accomplished in phase one. Phase two orthodontics in Wellington are not always necessary but if the first phase results are not satisfactory, this second stage will deliver additional improvements.

Usually, an orthodontist will see a patient every three to four months after the completion of phase one. When young patients are involved, changes can be spotted and the dentist may recommend additional alignment techniques.

Phase two orthodontics in Wellington can be used to address a gap in the teeth, misalignment, poor spacing or a bite problem. Such issues may still exist after one round of orthodontic treatment because a child is still growing and the jaw is changing.

During phase two, either braces or Invisalign can be used to address permanent teeth problems.

For the second phase of the treatment to begin, all of the child’s permanent teeth should have erupted. Depending on the situation, the use of standard braces or Invisalign will continue for a period in the range from one to 1.5 years.

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