A Top Rated Children’s Orthodontist in Wellington

We’re thrilled to see so many kids getting the dental and orthodontic care that they need. More school aged kids across the country are getting braces than ever before, and that’s wonderful. When kids are able to get orthodontic checkups early, we are able to catch and remedy problems before they ever cause real trouble. By providing preventative care, we are able to minimize treatment and complications over the long-term. The result? Happy, healthy smiles without extensive treatment.

Family Orthodontics is a top rated children’s orthodontist in Wellington, and we specialize in providing the care and special attention that kids need. Every child is a bit different, thus, our approach has to be catered to each individual child. To ensure the very best treatment for each of our patients, we offer a wide variety of approaches, including Invisalign Teen, the Damon System, the Lotus System, Bionic braces, and more.

As we prepare to treat your child, there are steps that you can take to make the process a little easier. While we try to keep everything as pain-free and stress-free as possible, you can help your kids to get ready for the challenges of orthodontic treatment by following some of these tips.

1. Answer questions honestly

Braces hurt sometimes, and it’s important for your child to be prepared for that. You can help to reassure your child by addressing their concerns and worries while being honest and upfront about the difficulties. Of course, we’re here to help too. We’ll provide a lot of comfort and reassurance by explaining everything and making the process fun and interesting.

2. Offer distractions and rewards

You can offer distractions and special rewards that your child associates with a visit to the orthodontist. A favorite movie or book can be a great distraction, and a special treat afterward can be a fantastic incentive.

3. Work with a child-friendly orthodontist

One of the very best tips we can give you is to choose a specialized children’s orthodontist in Wellington. By choosing a specialist like Dr. Danny Bass, you’ll be taking a lot of stress and discomfort out of the process – both for your child and yourself. If you’d like to chat about your child’s care, give us a call at 561-762-6200.

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