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When your family needs orthodontic care in Royal Palm Beach, why not schedule an appointment with the best family orthodontist in the greater Palm Beach County area? Families from locations like Wellington, West Palm Beach, and Royal Palm Beach choose Dr. Danny Bass and his practice because of the easy, enjoyable, and fun treatment they receive whenever they come to our office.

Every member of your family is important to us! We are committed to providing professional, speedy service with a pleasant, welcoming approach. Your child’s first visit through orthodontic care for adults should be a positive experience. It’s our goal to be certain that’s the result for every one of our patients. The relaxed, comfortable family surroundings in our office puts you at ease and relieves the stress often associated with dental care.

Royal Palm Beach Orthodontist Provides Orthodontic Treatment For:

Adults – Take the opportunity to get the orthodontic care you’ve always wanted, but never started. Straightening your teeth doesn’t have to be a long term event requiring a multitude of orthodontist appointments. Find out about the latest ways adults can gain a brilliant, flashing smile in Royal Palm Beach without the necessity of bright metal braces, wires, and elastic bands. Quite a few adults are pleasantly surprised to learn they are candidates for treatments like Invisalign.

Children – Why does Dr. Danny Bass recommend a child’s first orthodontic screening be done at seven years of age? It’s the perfect time to identify potential problems because first molars and incisors have developed.

An orthodontist can quickly see certain conditions and treat them as soon as possible. Correcting matters like severe crowding, thumb sucking, and cross bites right away keeps them from turning into serious problems when your child is older. We offer a thorough evaluation of your child’s teeth. If everything is good, we set free observation visits until a situation arises that requires treatment.

Teens – We recommend continuing regular checkups as your child grows older. Problems are easy to notice and fix as a teen’s jaw develops. Preventative and preemptive orthodontic treatment options for teenagers make it simpler for your teen to have straight, even teeth.

Conditions Treated:

Early Treatment – You help us find problems with your children’s teeth when you bring them in for regular checkups. Most orthodontic situations can be forestalled by treating them early. Issues like crowded teeth are avoided with preventive care. You avoid the expense of major treatment and your child receives strong, healthy teeth.

Protruding Front Teeth – Thumb sucking is a frequent reason for protruding front teeth. It hampers the extension of lower teeth or causes the upper teeth to overextend forward. The protrusion damages teeth and causes hygiene problems and speech difficulties. Treating the problem early is an effective way of avoiding this condition.

Impacted Canines – The four fang-shaped teeth, known as canines, are usually strongly connected to the jaw with thick roots. Extra teeth, unusual growth patterns, or overcrowding can cause the canines to get impacted, or stuck, while trying to erupt from the gums. The best treatment is treating and extracting impacted canines as soon as possible.

Spacing – Sometimes the jaws are larger or the teeth are smaller than they should be. It results in spacing problems typically identified by a gap between the upper top two teeth. However, spacing problems can affect all teeth. The open spaces of the gums are exposed to the risk of periodontal disease.

Crowding – The lack of space for teeth to fit within the jaws results in crowding. Adult teeth become displaced or twisted as they come in. Correcting crowding right away prevents unsightly teeth, tooth decay, and gum disease. Properly spaced teeth encourage proper dental hygiene and healthy teeth.

Underbite – When the teeth grow in a customary pattern, the front upper teeth land in front of the lower front teeth when the jaw is closed. An underbite describes the situation when the lower teeth end up in front of the upper teeth when the jaw closes. Although primarily a genetic situation, it is also caused by extensive use of a pacifier or from thumb sucking. Have the underbite corrected right away to avoid:

  • Inflammation.
  • Arthritis in jaw joints.
  • Jaw pain.
  • Headaches.

Open Bite – Open bite occurs when the lower and upper incisors don’t touch when biting down. It results from improper use of pacifiers and bottles, as well as thumb sucking. It also occurs from incorrect tongue posture. The main reason for treating open bite right away is to avoid the speech problems it causes.

Deep Bite – Another alignment concern is the deep bite. It describes a situation where the lower teeth touch the gum tissue in the upper arch of the jaw. Upper teeth roots can be damaged if the deep bite is extreme. It can also lead to receding of the gums.

Orthodontists and Braces

You will find several types of braces for children and adults at our office. Awkward headgear and chunky metal braces are no longer the only options. Expect impressive results from state of the art methods that greatly reduce treatment time and enhance dental health.

  • Pure: A good choice for teens and adults, Pure braces are remarkably unobtrusive. The nearly transparent brackets are made from pure monocrystalline sapphire. Tooth-colored wires deliver an aesthetic treatment for straightening teeth.
  • Invisalign: Orthodontic care in Royal Palm Beach and around the world is benefitting from Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. Clear plastic aligners shaped for each patient replace awkward brackets and are virtually invisible while they correct a variety of orthodontic issues.
  • Lotus System: A proven self-litigating solution, Lotus straightens teeth without the uncomfortable, bulky brackets and ligatures of traditional braces.
  • Bionic: Kids like the colors that accompany the streamlined design of Bionic braces.
  • Damon System: A self-litigating system, Damon involves less comfort because it eliminates the regular tightening required by metal braces.

We invite you to discover the value and quality of service for you and your family by contacting Family Orthodontics today. The bright, cheerful smiles of our patients are important to us. Dr. Danny Bass, Royal Palm Beach’s Top Orthodontist is pleased to be an orthodontist for the families in Royal Palm Beach. Call to schedule a free consultation today at 562-762-6200.

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