Affordable Braces in Wellington, Florida – Basic Facts from Family Orthodontics on Teeth Straightening

If you are interested in acquiring the affordable braces provided by Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida, it is essential that you learn some basic information pertaining to this teeth straightening procedure. In the past, braces were highly uncomfortable devices that wrapped completely around each tooth, often resulting in a high level of discomfort. However, Family Orthodontics has the latest and most advanced equipment and procedures that permit you to successfully have your teeth straightened without the complications and discomfort. At this dental facility, you receive more than affordable braces; you will receive a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. In this brief guide, you will learn some basic facts pertaining to the affordable braces that Family Orthodontics has to offer.

Today’s braces utilize brackets that are considered to be self-ligating. In addition to this, they include wires that are composed of super-elastic. Both of these characteristics are considered to be technologically advanced. When purchasing the affordable braces that Family Orthodontics has to offer, you will find that you may choose from metals that are clear and colored. When shopping for affordable braces, the first step in the process involves setting up an appointment for a free consultation. While at the consultation, you and the orthodontic professional that you meet with will determine which types of braces are most suitable for your individual needs. Once this determination has been made, the professional will then review the teeth straightening procedure with you so that you understand the treatment prior to receiving it.

The affordable braces that you obtain from Family Orthodontics work in straightening the teeth by exerting a gentle amount of pressure on the teeth. Over time, this pressure helps to move each of the teeth into a new position. As a result, you will find that your bite becomes healthier and that your smile becomes more beautiful. The specially designed wires that connect each of the brackets that are located in the braces assist in applying pressure to the teeth in order to transition them into new positions. Most individuals that elect this dental treatment must wear the braces for as little as 18 months, or as long as 24 months. By following the advice and appointment schedule as set forth by Family Orthodontics when you sign you for the affordable braces, it is quite likely that your treatment will be less than 18 months. However, this depends on your individual dental issues and the type of affordable braces that you elect to purchase.

Dr. Danny Bass and his team at Family Orthodontics are specially trained in providing high quality dental care at low prices to their patients. They truly believe that each individual has a right to a beautiful smile. As a result of this belief, they ensure that they have braces available for all budgets. By utilizing a combination of extensive training and technologically advanced equipment, you may obtain affordable braces at the fraction of the cost being charged by other dental providers in Wellington, Florida. To set up a consultation, call 561-762-6200 today. Families that elect to sign up for comprehensive orthodontic treatments may qualify for an absolutely FREE iPad*.

  • There are restrictions associated with the iPad offer. This offer may not be used for Invisalign® services.
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