Affordable Invisalign Treatment Options in Wellington Florida

Adults and children are welcome at Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida. Dr. Danny Bass knows what a good feeling it is to have crooked teeth straightened out. He also understands that many adults are still in search of a convenient method that will deliver a beautiful smile at a low price. Traditional metal braces have been joined by several other methods for straightening teeth, including affordable Invisalign.

State of the art technology has nearly ended the need for headgear. Forget shiny metal covering your teeth and drawing attention to the fact that you’re wearing braces even though you’re no longer a teenager. Invisalign treatment is a removable teeth straightening tray that is custom-made for each patient. The nearly invisible trays align the teeth because they fit the teeth and gum line. The trays are exchanged about every two weeks as your teeth gradually straighten from this comfortable modern system.

A number of dental insurance policies cover a significant amount of the cost. That makes affordable Invisalign a popular choice in Wellington. Patients are able to care for their teeth more easily, so there won’t be as many visits to Family Orthodontics for cleaning. Modern invisible braces are designed to let you conveniently floss and brush your teeth.

You’ll find out how easy it is when Dr. Bass reviews the foods you can eat with Invisalign treatment. Simply remove the straightening trays before eating any snack or meal. Teeth are brushed and flossed after eating. You can even take advantage of the opportunity to clean the trays before you put them back into place! The simple process delivers the convenience so many adults and teens are seeking.

Are you ready for a life changing experience? Find out if you are a candidate for affordable Invisalign treatment by making an appointment with Dr. Danny Bass, DMD, MS in Wellington. The consultation is free and can be scheduled by calling 561-762-6200.

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