Affordable Invisalign Treatment Options West Palm Beach Florida

Need braces? Looking for the best ones for your child? If so, you’ve probably come across Invisalign – an innovative product that has transformed the world of orthodontic cases forever. Made from a clear material and very practical, Invisalign braces have become the option of preference for many people.

Are you worried that getting Invisalign braces in West Palm Beach is going to be too expensive? The cost of the treatment and the quality of the outcome will both depend on choosing the right orthodontist.

Family Orthodontics is a West Palm Beach clinic that gives patients access to personalized solutions that they can afford.

At Family Orthodontics, you’ll meet with Dr. Danny Bass – one of the most experienced and loved orthodontists in the area. Dr. Bass has experience with Invisalign braces, as well as with a range of orthodontic alternatives. Because of his knowledge and years of work with patients, Dr. Bass will help you figure out whether Invisalign is the best option for you or if you should look for alternative braces.

All of the Family Orthodontics patients benefit from a complimentary initial exam. We know that choosing the right dentist can be a difficult task. This is the main reason why we’re eager to help you make the decision without spending anything.

Our patients also benefit from flexible payment plans. There are no down payment and low down payment options with a zero interest rate in the clinic. In addition, we have a series of discounts that will apply to almost all of the patients that come for an orthodontic treatment in our facilities.

Invisalign is a product that you can afford and that you should definitely consider. By coming to West Palm Beach’s Family Orthodontics and getting a free of charge consultation with Dr. Bass, you’ll get a much better idea about the product and how much (or should we say how little) the treatment is going to cost you.

To learn more about Invisalign clear brace please visit Don’t hesitate to call us and ask us questions about Invisalign or schedule your first appointment at 561-762-6200.

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