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Braces are becoming increasingly common. Orthodontic treatment has become increasingly affordable, and great advances have been made in orthodontic technology, allowing folks to get straighter teeth in less time. Here at Family Orthodontics, we strive to offer the most affordable orthodontics in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. Our goal is to give people the perfect smiles they want – at prices they can smile about!

How do Braces Work?

While each system works a little differently, the process involves relatively similar elements. Using brackets and wires or plastic aligners, a degree of pressure is put on the teeth, gradually moving them into proper position.

With traditional braces, the wires are tightened over time. With each appointment, the wires are pulled a little tighter, putting gradual pressure on the teeth and moving them into place. Other systems like Damon Braces and Invisalign work with the same goal, but using different methods. Damon Braces are self-litigating, meaning they don’t need to be tightened. Invisalign works on the same precept, but utilizes a graduating series of plastic aligners that gradually bring the teeth into position.

How Long Before My Teeth are Straight?

The ultimate goal of orthodontic treatment is a straight, healthy, beautiful smile that you can wear proudly. All manner of disorders or misalignments can be treated; however, it’s important to understand that each condition requires a different amount of time.

Some misalignments or cosmetic problems can be solved simply and quickly. Other issues like severe bite problems may take anywhere from three to five years to correct. It’s a good idea to go into orthodontic treatment with a realistic idea of what to expect. That way, you won’t be disappointed or frustrated by the duration of the treatment.

Are Braces Painful?

Wearing braces certainly does take some getting used to. Traditional braces have to be tightened at regular intervals, and this can be quite painful at times. Your teeth and mouth will adjust over time though, and the discomfort fades away before long.

Of course, there are alternatives like Damon Braces or Invisalign that are far less painful (and often more effective).

Can Anyone Get Braces?

If you think you need braces, the best thing you can do is call us up and let us give you a thorough consult. We’ll take a look and put together a tailor-made plan to get you the perfect smile you’re after.

To find out more about our affordable braces in Royal Palm Beach or schedule your complimentary consultation, contact us today at 561-762-6200.

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