An Affordable Invisalign Dentist in Wellington Florida

There’s something special happening in Wellington, Florida that is making life better for adults and children alike. It starts with the change from crooked or misshapen teeth into a normal straight pattern in the gum and jaw. The shift is due to virtually invisible “braces” that use clear materials, called aligners, instead of metal. Have you been wondering about how easy it could be to remodel your mouth and smile? Find the answers from Invisalign dentist Dr. Danny Bass and his team at Family Orthodontics.

Why is it that we tend to think the chance for straight, bright teeth is gone once a person becomes an adult? Not all kids have the opportunity or the discipline to benefit from braces. Still, the older each individual gets, the more common it is to wish their teeth had been fixed when they were young. The hesitant feeling about wearing braces as a grownup is reduced when a friend or relative tells others about the benefits of wireless braces.

Enjoy the convenient office hours that accommodate the busy schedules of our Wellington patients. Bring your laptop or tablet with you can connect to our free Wi-Fi signal. Complete a special project and stay in touch with family, friends, and coworkers until it is time for your appointment or consultation with the Invisalign dentist.

Additional years of intensive study, classes, and training after receiving a dental degree are required to earn the title “orthodontist”. Dr. Bass chose to follow that route and learn more about the various ways of improving the look and health of natural teeth. If your regular dentist suggests pulling a crooked tooth that is otherwise healthy, why not get a second opinion from a specialist?

Make your visit a family affair. It’s recommended that young children visit an orthodontist for an evaluation of future problems. It gives parents the opportunity to plan ahead, and starts a dental history for your child. Children notice their parent’s reaction to dental work and will feel better about appointments when they see a visit to Dr. Danny Bass, DMD, MS is nothing to be afraid of. We invite Wellington residents who need our services to schedule an appointment by calling Family Orthodontics today at 561-762-6200.

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