Bionic Braces in Wellington

Bionic Braces in Wellington, Florida Available at Family Orthodontics

Bionic braces provide more than just straight teeth and a beautiful smile; they also have the capability of providing you with a high level of confidence. Now, Family Orthodontics is offering their clients Bionic braces in Wellington, Florida. These braces extend past the traditional models that include metal brackets and wires.

These are specially designed to be worn comfortably and without the complication of having teeth removed in order to attach them. The Bionic braces in Wellington use only a light amount of natural force in order to straighten teeth easily and comfortably. By choosing to go with Bionic, you are eliminating the need for uncomfortable, restrictive teeth straightening devices that could result in further dental complications, such as short teeth roots and tooth decay.

Bionic braces are considered to be self-ligating devices that do not depend on ties composed of metal or elastic in order to straighten the teeth. Unlike traditional braces, these braces do not tighten the teeth together in an unnatural method. The technology behind the Bionic braces in Wellington is considered to be technologically advanced due to the fact that the innovative wires within the device use shape-memory technology.

As a result of this technology, the teeth are straightened more quickly and in a more natural fashion than with traditional metal braces. In addition to this, Bionic braces in Wellington do not require that teeth have to be extracted, nor do they require rapid acting palatal expanders.

Family Orthodontics is a dental facility that works to provide a wide array of services and treatments to their clients. The facility enlists the experience of only the most educated professionals and the most technologically advanced equipment. Dr. Danny Bass and his associates truly know how to make their clients smile!

Regardless of your individual needs and your budget, you are sure to discover something to smile about at Family Orthodontics. Call Family Orthodontics today at 561-762-6200 to set up your free consultation for Bionic braces in Wellington. For a limited time, families signing up for comprehensive dental care may receive an absolutely FREE iPad*!

  • Free iPad offer may involve restrictions – does not apply for Invisalign® dental treatments.
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