Can Adults Benefit from Affordable Orthodontics in Wellington?

Whether you’re a teenager, a young adult, or well into middle age, there’s no reason you can’t have the perfect, healthy smile you’ve always dreamed of. As a matter of fact, nearly half of orthodontic patients today are adults.

Not only is adult orthodontic work becoming more and more common, but there are now many more options where teeth straightening is concerned. Gone are the days of clunky head gear and bulky metal mouths. Braces are now lightweight and cosmetically improved, and there are even options like Invisalign which are practically invisible.

Why Opt for Braces?

Many folks would love to have a straighter smile, but hesitate, thinking that braces are merely for cosmetic purposes. While the cosmetic benefits are certainly a great payoff, there are additional benefits to braces that many aren’t aware of.

Having a correct bite is actually important to good health. Misaligned, crowded or overlapping teeth greatly increase the risk of food and plaque buildup between the teeth. It’s harder to clean teeth that are crooked and too close together, and this presents the very real risk of gum and periodontal disease.

In addition, malocclusion (an improper bite) often prevents proper chewing. This can lead to indigestion and gastrointestinal problems if left unaddressed.

Your Orthodontic Options

As we’ve mentioned, here at Family Orthodontics in Wellington, we have plenty of options when it comes to affordable orthodontics in Wellington. Of course, there are basic traditional braces; however, if you want to avoid the “metal mouth” look, you can always opt for clear or ceramic brackets rather than metal.

Many adults are now opting for clear, removable aligners like the Invisalign system. Many professionals find that this is an excellent option, as the aligners are virtually invisible, and they can be removed for cleaning and important events or photos.

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