Cheap Invisalign Braces in Wellington Available at Family Orthodontics

If you are interested in acquiring cheap Invisalign braces, you will be pleased to know that Family Orthodontics of Wellington now offers relatively inexpensive options for those that have a desire to correct misalignment issues within the mouth. Family Orthodontics is a state-of-the-art orthodontic facility that is designed to not only meet the needs of its patients, but to enhance the patients’ comfort levels.

The professionals at Family Orthodontics utilize the latest and most advance treatments and equipment when treating patients. In addition to this, each of the individuals that work at Family Orthodontics are specially trained and formally educated in each of their individual specialty areas.

Family Orthodontics of Wellington also has a fun-filled game room for children and free Wi-Fi access for parents to make the wait more comfortable. Family Orthodontics offers the latest, technologically advanced treatments, such as the Damon System, high quality sterilization for rooms and equipment, digital charting and more.

Due to their large customer base, Family Orthodontics of Wellington is now offering cheap Invisalign braces to patients that want to achieve a beautiful smile without the complications of dealing with unsightly and uncomfortable traditional metal braces.

Cost Factors

There are many different factors that are associated with the cost of Invisalign braces. When visiting Family Orthodontics of Wellington for your initial consultation, the doctor that you see will be able to successfully determine how much the treatment will cost based on your individual orthodontic needs.

Our specialist will determine the overall complexity of the misalignment issues that you have with your teeth, the amount of time that the Invisalign treatment will take to address the complications that you are experiencing, and will inquire about any type of dental insurance that you may have. On average, the cost of the treatment is in the range of a few thousand dollars or more. However, Family Orthodontics of Wellington makes every effort possible to ensure that they lower this cost as much as possible – even before applying discounts and insurance coverage.

In most instances, patients with simple misalignment issues have the potential of having Invisalign braces for $2,000.00 or less. If you dream of having a beautiful, healthy smile, this is actually a small price to pay!

Insurance Coverage and Other Options

When purchasing cheap Invisalign braces at Family Orthodontics of Wellington, you will discover that there are many different ways to pay for the treatment. Most dental insurance companies will cover this type of treatment in the same manner that they cover other types of treatments, such as traditional wired braces.

By providing your insurance information to the doctor that you meet with at Family Orthodontics of Wellington, the professional will be able to determine how much coverage will be applied to the treatment. In most cases, insurance companies cover at least $500.00.

However, there are cases which the company may cover higher amounts. If you do not have insurance, or your insurance does not cover the treatment, you may be able to pay for the treatment using payment options offered by Family Orthodontics of Wellington.

In addition to this, many individuals utilize a Flexible Spending Account in order to pay for their Invisalign treatment offered at Family Orthodontics of Wellington. If you have an interest in obtaining Invisalign braces, and want to use your company FSA, be sure to contact the department that handles benefits at your company for more information.

For more information about our cheap Invisalign in Wellington, Florida or to schedule a free consultation, please contact Dr. Danny Bass today at 561-762-6200.

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