Children’s Braces in Greenacres, Florida – Options for Perfect Smile

There are a variety of reasons why a child might need to wear braces for a while. Most of the time, the problems involve overcrowded, crooked, or overlapping teeth. In some cases, a child might have a bad bite as well. This is called malocclusion, but the conditions are more commonly referred to as an overbite (when the upper jaw is bigger) or an underbite (when the lower jaw is bigger).

If it looks like your child might need braces, don’t fret. Many orthodontic problems in children are easily remedied. Sometimes the problems are genetic, while at other times, tooth and jaw problems might be caused by accidents, decay, or bad habits like thumb sucking.

When should you make your first visit?

Most orthodontists suggest that kids should have their first visit once their adult teeth begin coming in. Really, there’s no set age for a first visit though, so if you have concerns, come on in. We can take a look and begin developing a treatment plan if necessary.

Starting early can actually be a great idea. While your child may not need braces immediately, we’ll be able see what problems do exist and map out a treatment plan.

Getting ready for children’s braces

On your first visit, we’ll take a good look at your child’s mouth, teeth and jaw. We may take some x-rays to see how your child’s permanent teeth are positioned and which ones still need to come in. This will help us to see if there are potential problems that will need to be addressed.

If it turns out that braces are necessary, we offer some of the best options for children’s braces in Greenacres. In many cases, kids will just need simple braces with wires, brackets and bands. There are lots of options though, including clear or ceramic braces, and even lingual braces that fit behind the teeth.

Learn more about our children braces in Greenacres. Give Family Orthodontics a call and let us help your child develop a beautiful, healthy smile. Starting orthodontic work early can enable smooth, accurate growth so that by the time his permanent teeth are in they’re perfectly straight and even.

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