Children’s Braces in Lake Worth, Florida Available from Family Orthodontics

A question that many parents face is, “When should my kids start treatment?” The truth is, if our orthodontists can begin seeing kids by age seven, we can help to guide the growth of the jaw and incoming teeth. This is the age when kids typically begin growing their first permanent teeth, so by beginning orthodontic treatment early, we can evaluate and tackle potential problems.

At the same time, we can look at common childhood issues like speech problems, thumb sucking or abnormal swallowing, and develop plans to eliminate these disorders. Simply put, if you’re looking to get started with children’s braces in Lake Worth, Florida, it’s best to start sooner rather than later.

Options for Children’s Braces

Here at Family Orthodontics, we offer a wide variety of affordable braces options to meet the needs of each individual child. Many parents worry about the best type of braces for their kid. We aim to put your mind at ease by walking you through the benefits of each option available to you. We offer the very best in orthodontic technology, including:

Bionic Braces:

This option allows the teeth to be straightened in a natural fashion – without metal or elastic litigating devices. This means that they can be worn comfortably, without the need for extractions, and without causing further complications like shortened tooth roots or tooth decay.

The Damon System:

Damon System braces allow the teeth to move more comfortably than standard braces, and provide great results in a shorter time. They’re smaller than traditional braces, making them comfortable to wear and easier to keep clean.

Invisalign Braces:

This option is not only more comfortable than traditional braces, but it also looks a lot better too. The clear trays are worn continuously, except when your child is eating or brushing. This is a great option for kids who play sports, as you don’t have to worry about sharp wires or brackets that can cut the mouth in an accident.

Whatever your needs or your budget, you’ll find a solution at Family Orthodontics. Call today to get the best options for children’s braces in Lake Worth, Florida!

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