Children’s Braces in Wellington, Florida from Family Orthodontics

If you are searching for a provider of children’s braces in Wellington, Florida, you are sure to enjoy the services and staff available at Family Orthodontics. The children’s braces and dentistry services offered at Family Orthodontics is highly rated by clients and the community, as a whole.

Our orthodontist office is highly committed to providing technologically advanced services and quality customer care. Family Orthodontics offers services and treatments for children, teenagers and adults. When you elect to use Family Orthodontics, you are electing to use a team of professionals that have a high level of expertise and knowledge in orthodontics and orthodontic care. In this brief guide, you will learn about what you can expect if your child needs braces.


Treatment Duration

One of the most common questions that parents ask when choosing to use Family Orthodontics for children’s braces is how long the child will have to undergo the treatment. It is important to understand that the treatment will vary from child to child.

Seeing that braces are used to correct crooked teeth and other types of misalignments associated with the mouth, the treatment duration will depend heavily upon the amount of dental issues that the child has and the overall severity of the complications.

In addition to this, several other factors will help the professionals at Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida determine just how long a child will need to wear braces.

These factors include how much space is available in the mouth of the child, the amount of space that the teeth must travel in order to conclude the treatments and the overall health of the various regions of the mouth, such as the gums and the teeth.

Prior to applying the children’s braces, the professionals at Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida will create a customized treatment plan that will outline the projected duration of the treatment that is required for the child.



If you elect to use Family Orthodontics for children’s braces, it is important to know and understand that our orthodontist office will require regular checkups. In most instances, the orthodontist that applies the dental appliance will request to see the child at least once every four to six weeks.

During these checkups, the professional will ensure that the right amount of pressure is being placed on each of the problem teeth and will make any adjustments that we consider to be necessary. Furthermore, if the braces are not straightening the teeth appropriately, Family Orthodontics may prescribe an external device that may be worn at home, or while sleeping.


Set Up an Appointment Today

If your child suffers from misalignment issues associated with the teeth, children’s braces will assist in straightening the affected teeth. You should set up an appointment today at Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida to determine if your child is a candidate for the procedure. Our orthodontist office houses the most technologically advanced equipment and administers the latest and most innovative orthodontic procedures, to date.

Family Orthodontics wants to ensure that each client feels as comfortable as possible, while providing them with state-of-the-art treatments.

While visiting our orthodontist office, you will discover that it has a game room for children and adults will enjoy the free Wi-Fi access. In addition to children’s braces, Family Orthodontics also specializes in 3D animations, Digital Charting, Invisalign and several other advanced dental care procedures and treatments. Set up an appointment for your child’s braces today and we are sure to enjoy a beautiful smile for many tomorrows.

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