Children’s Braces Made Fun and Easy at Family Orthodontics in Wellington

The idea of braces can be a source of much apprehension for both kids and parents. If you’re considering children’s braces in Wellington, FL, we hope you’ll pay us a visit. Family Orthodontics takes a unique approach to children’s orthodontic care, because we know how important positive dental experiences are for growing kids.

It’s not just about straight teeth!

When kids come in for orthodontic care, it’s vital to create a fun, relaxed environment throughout the whole process. Kids are forming their opinions about everything – including dental work – so by providing a positive environment, we can set kids up for great oral health for the rest of their lives.

That begins with a great doctor, and we’ve got one of the best! Dr. Danny Bass loves kids and is focused on providing fun, educational care to each of his little patients.

Our staff is hand-picked to support Dr. Danny in the treatment of each patient. Each member of our team has the education and skill to work patiently, gently and thoughtfully with little patients. They know that to work well with a kid, you’ve sometimes got to think like a kid. We explain each step, make sure that kids know what to expect, and that each step is performed in a gentle, careful manner.

Your kids will look forward to visits!

That might sound a little far-fetched, but many of our little patients actually look forward to their next visit to Dr. Danny. After all, we’ve build a fun, cozy environment that caters to adults and kids alike. From the comfy chairs and tasty refreshments in our waiting room to free Wi-Fi, video games and a well-equipped playroom, to movies during treatment, there’s loads of stuff to keep your little tykes entertained and relaxed before and during their treatments.

So come and find out how easy and fun children’s braces in Wellington, FL can be! Trust your kids’ teeth to a team that really cares. Give us a call today at 561-762-6200, and find out more about what we offer for kids of all ages.

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