Discover for Yourself Why Dr. Danny Bass is West Palm Beach’s Best Children’s Orthodontist!

Braces are no fun for kids. We know that no kid is excited about getting braces. But we’re out to change that! Our goal is to de-stress the whole braces process. Hopefully, we can even make it an exciting, fun process for your child. Dr. Danny Bass is wonderful with children, and he has quickly become West Palm Beach’s best children’s orthodontist. Kids (and adults!) love him, because he knows how to put his patients right at ease.

Another reason why Dr. Danny is considered West Palm Beach’s best children’s orthodontist: options! When you need orthodontic work done, you want to work with an orthodontist who can offer the widest possible range of options for your care. After all, why go through the whole process of braces when something as simple as Invisalign could solve the problem?

We know that parents are looking for the very best options for their kids. That’s why we choose to offer four excellent options for kids’ orthodontic care:

1. Invisalign Teen

Many kids just have minor problems that need to be corrected. These problems typically don’t demand a full year or more of braces, so we were thrilled when Invisalign introduced their “Teen” program. This is a fantastic solution, as it allows for better oral hygiene.

2. Traditional Braces

Fortunately, traditional braces are a far cry from what they used to be. Even if your child needs to wear braces, it’s not such a hassle as it once was. Braces are now less bulky, more comfortable – and we don’t use headgear!

3. Clear Braces

If your child needs braces but is self-conscious, this is a great option. They work the same as traditional braces, but they’re made from a composite material rather than metal.

4. Lingual Braces

Another great option for the self-conscious child. These braces are fitted to the inside rather than the outside surface of the teeth.

We’re here to provide the service that your family needs – and we’ll go out of our way to make it a fun experience! Give us a call at 561-762-6200, and see for yourself why Dr. Danny is West Palm Beach’s best children’s orthodontist.

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