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If you’re looking for a new orthodontist in Wellington, why not choose one that serves your whole family? No one really likes going to the dentist, but we’re out to change that. We’ve built a practice that our patients LOVE!

At Family Orthodontics, we focus on providing care that is prompt, professional, and focused on you. We aim to make every experience a positive one, and we work hard to provide a space that is welcoming, relaxing, and fun for the whole family.

Orthodontic Treatment Available For:

Children – Don’t wait until your kids have all of their adult teeth before you start orthodontic monitoring. It’s actually very important to start regular checkups around your child’s 7th birthday. At this age, their adult teeth are starting to come in, and we can easily spot any potential problems. By providing preemptive care, we can prevent a lot of complicated, expensive work down the line.

Teens – If your teen is ready for braces, we offer a number of excellent options that will make the process fun, simple, and relatively pain-free. From Damon System braces to Invisalign Teen, we’ve got solutions for each and every patient.

Adults – Even adults can get braces! If you’re worried about how braces look, don’t fret. There are now plenty of inconspicuous ways to get that straight, healthy smile you’ve always wanted. We’ll help you find the best solution for your condition, and get you well on your way to a brand new smile.

Conditions Treated:

Crowding – When there’s not enough space in your jaw for all of your teeth, they get crowded and start to twist and turn. If your teeth are crowded and squeezed together, it’s difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene. It’s important to correct crowding as soon as possible to prevent secondary conditions like gum disease and tooth decay.

Spacing – When your teeth are too small or your jaw is too large, you end up with gaps between your teeth. Sometimes there will just be a gap between the front teeth. In other cases, there may be gaps between all the teeth. This is important to address because the exposed gums are more susceptible to infection and disease.

Protruding Front Teeth – If your upper teeth extend too far forward or your lower teeth don’t extend far enough, this can cause problems with speech, hygiene, and appearance. This is often caused by thumb sucking, and it’s something that we can spot early if we are providing regular checkups for your kids.

Open Bite – Your upper and lower incisors should touch when you bite down. If they don’t, this is called an “open bite”, and it’s often caused by sucking on bottles, pacifiers, or fingers. An open bite can cause speech problems, so it’s a good idea to get it treated as early as possible.

Underbite – If your lower teeth come up in front of your upper teeth when your mouth is closed, this is called an underbite. Usually you’ll notice that the lower jaw sticks out more than normal. Sometimes an underbite can be hereditary. Other times it’s caused by thumb sucking or pacifier use. Either way, it can be remedied – and should be. If left alone, an underbite can cause headaches, TMJ, and sometimes even arthritis in the jaw.

Deep Bite – If your lower canines touch the roof of your mouth when your jaw is closed, this is called a deep bite. This is primarily an aesthetic issue, but it can cause irritation and gum recession, and occasionally even damage to your upper teeth roots.

Impacted Canines – The canines (the fang-like teeth) have longer, tougher roots than your incisors. Because of that, they can have a harder time coming out. If your teeth are crowded, your canines can become impacted. Impacted canines should be extracted so that your teeth can grow in properly.

Early Treatment – Crowding, bite issues, and other orthodontic problems can be spotted early and remedied easily with regular, early checkups. If your kids aren’t ready for treatment yet, remember that we offer free checkups until treatment is needed.

Braces Manufacturers:

There are great modern ways to correct orthodontic problems. The days of clunky braces and headgear are past. Now you can get the straight, healthy smile you’ve always wanted – and no one even has to know that you’re wearing braces!

  • Damon System – The Damon System isn’t invisible, but it’s lightweight, comfortable, and highly effective. It’s a self-litigating system that eliminates the discomfort associated with traditional braces tightening.
  • Lotus System – The Lotus System is a similar option that has produced some great results. Our patients love the self-litigating approach, and they love the streamlined feel and appearance.
  • Pure – This is an excellent option for adults, as it can be used to treat complex issues without the obvious appearance of braces. The brackets are nearly invisible, and by using tooth-colored wires, we ensure that your braces are almost unnoticeable.
  • Bionic – As its name suggests, Bionic is a powerful, tough solution that many parents love. It’s a great option for kids and teens, and our patients love dressing up their Bionic braces with colorful bands.
  • Invisalign – Invisalign and Invisalign Teen are offering a revolutionary solution to orthodontic treatment. Instead of brackets and wires, Invisalign employs a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners. These aligners are nearly invisible, and they are removable (as needed), yet they deliver exceptional results in treating many common orthodontic issues.

Still checking around for the best orthodontist in Wellington? Why not drop by and give us a try? We offer FREE exams for all of our new patients so you can test our services for yourself. Dr. Danny Bass will take as much time with you as you need to help you feel comfortable and to help you make the best decisions for your care. Plus, if your kids aren’t quite ready for orthodontic treatment yet, Dr. Danny will provide free monitoring and checkups until treatment is needed.

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