Family Orthodontics Can Perfect Your Smile With Adult Invisalign in Wellington, Florida

Are you one of the many adults who has avoided orthodontic treatment? Many adults assume that orthodontia is all about aesthetics, so they never bother correcting crooked or crowded teeth. Unfortunately, crooked teeth are a far greater concern than looks alone. While a straight, healthy smile does indeed look great, it’s actually better for your health as well.

When your teeth aren’t aligned properly, you can start to develop all kinds of unpleasant problems – some of which, you might not even connect with crooked teeth:

  • Problems chewing
  • Pain or clicking in your jaw
  • Difficulty talking
  • Difficult oral hygiene
  • Infections in your gums and mouth

In addition, crooked teeth have also been linked to higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Of course, a straight, healthy smile does wonders for your self-esteem and confidence as well. And now you can get that straight, beautiful smile without the hassle of braces! Family Orthodontics offers fantastic rates on adult Invisalign in Wellington, Florida, and you might be an ideal candidate for this treatment option.

Invisalign is a fantastic new approach to orthodontic care. It uses a series of clear plastic aligners (rather than brackets and wires) to straighten teeth. These aligners are nearly invisible, and they’re easily removed when necessary. This means that you can continue your usual brushing and flossing routine, and you can continue eating all of your favorite foods (just make sure to remove your aligners while eating).

Because the full treatment plan is laid out at the very beginning, you also won’t have to schedule so many visits with us. You’ll come in just a few times so that Dr. Danny can check on your progress. Other than that, you’ll just replace your own aligners every two weeks. This is just one more reason for the incredible popularity of adult Invisalign in Wellington, Florida.

You might be the ideal candidate for adult Invisalign in Wellington, Florida. If you’ve been avoiding the orthodontist, this might be a great time to pay us a visit. To find out more, give us a call at 561-762-6200.

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