Family Orthodontics is Rated the Best Orthodontist in Wellington

If you are searching for the best orthodontic facility in the State of Florida, you should know that Family Orthodontics is rated the best orthodontist in Wellington. In fact, our facility is so popular that individuals from neighboring areas such as Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and Green Acres often visit our facility for their orthodontic needs.

Family Orthodontics only includes state-of-the-art equipment and engages in the most productive and innovative orthodontic treatments available today. The latest and highest level advanced techniques have been integrated into our facility to ensure that each patient that elects to use the center receives the highest quality care.

In addition to this, Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida strives to ensure that each patient experiences the highest level of comfort when visiting. In this brief guide, you will learn why Family Orthodontics is considered to be the top rated orthodontist facility in Wellington, Florida.


Identifying the Best

It is common for individuals that require medical treatment to carefully research medical professionals prior to choosing to go with one specific individual or facility. The same should hold true for those that are in the market for orthodontic treatments.

By learning how to identify the best orthodontist, you are sure to have a positive and productive experience with the professionals that you finally decide to utilize. When searching for a top rated orthodontic facility, it is essential that you focus on the availability associated with the professionals, the experience that the orthodontic specialist team has the educational background of the professionals and the comfort level of our facility, as a whole.

When evaluating Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida, you will quickly discover that we have exceptionally high ratings in each of these areas.



When reviewing Family Orthodontics, you will discover that our facility has a team of specialists that know and understand the importance of having a high level of availability for their patients. When searching for orthodontic care, it is essential that the professionals that you elect to use are available during the hours that you need them, have a wide range of availability when it comes to orthodontic emergencies and are willing to provide you with answers on any questions that you may have while visiting our facility, or when you contact them via telephone.

Family Orthodontics has all of this and MORE! You are sure to appreciate the hours and availability of each of the specialists at Family Orthodontics. Our staff knows and understands that your time is important and we do all that we are able to in order to accommodate you and your individual needs.



If you need an orthodontist and expect to receive the highest level of care, it is critical that you choose an orthodontic team that has a high level of experience.

At Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida, you will not only find that each of the professionals in Our facility have been in the business for a lengthy amount of time, but that each have experience in treating a wide array of orthodontic complications and utilizing a variety of treatments.

When choosing an orthodontist, it is imperative that you opt for a provider with a high level of experience in the field. It is also important to evaluate each of the services offered by our facility and determine the team’s overall experience in administering these services.

When researching Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida, you will discover that each of the professionals have a high level of expertise in general orthodontics, as well as each of the treatments that we specialize in providing to their patients.


Your Appointment

When visiting Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida, you will find that the staff is friendly and professional. Our facility is considered to be technologically advanced and is designed in such a way that your comfort is enhanced.

Our facility offers an innovative game room for children and offers free Wi-Fi for teens and adults. Our facility harnesses the latest in equipment, treatments and technology. Our orthodontic team specializes in many different innovative orthodontic treatments such as Digital Radiographs, Invisalign, 3D Animations, the Damon System and Digital Charting.

Set up your appointment at Family Orthodontics today and, like so many other patients, you will discover that you have something to smile about! Contact us today at 561-762-6200.

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