Family Orthodontics Offers Non-Surgical Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida

A trip to the orthodontist just isn’t much fun–or is it? Good dental health is imperative to ensure your long term good health and quality of life. Finding a dentist and particularly an orthodontic specialist with whom you may feel comfortable, in whom you can place your absolute trust is imperative to the promotion of good dental health.

When there are problems which traditionally required surgical intervention or months, if not years of braces and painful interventions, the process is never an easy one.

What if you could find the same treatments, the same outcomes, in a way that was not only comfortable, but almost fun? What if the visit to the orthodontic office was exciting and interesting and unique enough to virtually knock out any negative feelings you had about going to the appointment.

With the non-surgical orthodontics in Wellington, available at Family Orthodontics you have the option to have your underbite or overbite corrected and not have to undergo uncomfortable surgery or years of braces. You have the option to encourage that perfect smile and to have it done far more painlessly.

Offering state of the art equipment and skilled staff, the Family Orthodontics staff uses the most advanced non-surgical orthodontic techniques available to make their patients comfortable and their visit more fun than frightening.

Our orthodontics office is equipped with free Wi-fi so that the patients when waiting, as well as the parents and siblings have a means to pass the time as they wait for the patient to complete their treatment.

Younger people or children can visit the game room to help them to pass the time. The younger children get a good feeling about the waiting area and the friendly staff that everyone deals with.

Some of the most radically new and state of the art technology such as Digital radiographs, Digital charting, Damon Systems, 3D Animations and the very top quality new techniques in sterilization are all a part of the kind of treatment that you’ll find at the nonsurgical orthodontics clinics of Family Orthodontics in Wellington.

If you are interested in learning more about our non-surgical orthodontics in Wellington please feel free to give us a call at 561-762-6200 to schedule a no cost consultation.

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