Find an Affordable Invisalign Dentist in West Palm Beach

What can West Palm Beach parents do when their teenager’s teeth need straightened and the teen wants no part of wire braces? Other parents who’ve faced the same problem frequently refer them to Dr. Danny Bass at Family Orthodontics for a consultation. Part of his professional reputation with teens and adults is his status as an Invisalign dentist.

You’ve probably heard that Invisalign braces take between 10 and 24 months to move or adjust teeth. The aligners are typically changed every six weeks, allowing modifications for the adjustment process. There are several ways this method of teeth straightening creates affordable treatment and results. Check with the insurance provider for your dental health plan to find out what is covered by your policy. Then check with Family Orthodontics to confirm your dental policy is accepted by their office. That is a big savings for many families!

Appointments with the West Palm Beach Invisalign dentist take less time than appointments for traditional braces. There’s no need to adjust wires and bands. It usually requires a quick checkup and picking up the next set of aligner trays. Invisalign Teen offers additional benefits that encourage good dental health.

Regular brushing and flossing are easier tasks because the aligners are removable. Proper care of the teeth while they gradually move into the desired pattern in the gums reduces bacteria and encourages a lifetime of healthy dental habits. Your child will soon recognize the difference in cleaning by the dental hygienist. Dental implements are less awkward when used around straight, uncrowded teeth for removal of food particles like popcorn kernels and plaque.

The self-confidence your teen feels with virtually invisible braces and straighter, cleaner teeth will encourage smiles and self-esteem. Contact the West Palm Beach, Florida Invisalign dentist, Dr. Danny Bass DMD, MS to schedule a consultation and assessment of your child’s ability to benefit from this treatment. Call Family Orthodontics today at 561-762-6200.

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