Gentle Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida

One of the most common questions an orthodontist hears is “how much will braces hurt?” You might be surprised to find that the modern trend in orthodontics suggests less pain equals more gain! Family Orthodontics is proving that trend true with a light touch and gentle orthodontics in Wellington, Florida.

If you grew up with braces, you may have dealt with headgear, extractions, a mouth full of metal, and a whole lot of pain. Today, our technology has advanced to show that light forces tend to move teeth far more effectively and safely. Conversely, findings are showing that the heavy force used in decades past actually causes a delay in teeth movement.

In recent years, Titanium has risen to the fore as a light and flexible material in modern braces. The Nickel-Titanium wire we use is super flexible, allowing us to use very gentle force. The wire is bent to fit into the brackets, and it gradually flexes back toward its original state – gently taking the teeth with it. This super-light force helps the teeth to move in a balanced, healthy manner. It works much faster, but with far less pain!

Even more complex problems can be treated with a gentle touch. Malocclusion and other problems that have traditionally been treated with surgery can be tackled with non-surgical solutions like MEAW treatment.

We also offer cutting-edge treatments like Invisalign and Pure braces to eliminate the “pain” of being a metal mouth!

If you’re ready to see what gentle orthodontics can do for you, come and visit us at Family Orthodontics. Give us a call at 561.762.6200 and schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Danny Bass. Let us show you how gentle orthodontic care can make all the difference in the world!

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