Invisalign Clear Braces Provided by Family Orthodontics in Wellington

Nearly two million individuals now smile in a confident manner due to the fact that they have chosen to receive clear braces by Invisalign®. If you are located in or around Wellington, Florida, you will be pleased to know that Family Orthodontics provides this treatment to patients that desire to have a gorgeous smile. To get started, simply contact Family Orthodontics to set up a consultation with one of the trained orthodontists that work in the facility.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign® does not require brackets and various wire types that may irritate the mouth and result in numerous complications when it comes to at-home dental maintenance, such as flossing and brushing. Additionally, the aligners that are utilized with Invisalign® are almost nearly invisible. In this guide, you will learn why more people are choosing Invisalign® than traditional braces and why Family Orthodontics is considered to be the top rated provider of the Invisalign® services.

Out of all of the choices for straightening the teeth, Invisalign® is quickly becoming the preferred choice among individuals due to the fact that the braces provide a high level of comfort and are exceptionally convenient. In addition to this, the aligners provided with the treatment assist in building confidence levels of those that utilize them. Furthermore, the clear aligners provided by Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida result in lower levels of interference in how you are able to live, while provided a significantly more positive impact on your appearance and how you feel about your appearance. For those that require dental care in order to straighten crooked teeth, Invisalign® is considered to be the cutting-edge technique, chosen by most.

Once you set up a consultation with Family Orthodontics, the professional that you meet with will determine if Invisalign® braces are an appropriate option for your individual dental needs. If the professionals at Family Orthodontics determine that the braces offered by Invisalign® are appropriate for your needs, they will then set up an appointment to take x-ray images of your mouth and will obtain impressions of the teeth. This is necessary to create a 3-D image for the treatment. The orthodontist will then examine this information to determine which treatment plan is appropriate for your individual needs. Once the treatment plan has been established, the facility will then create the braces aligners for you. These will be composed of a comfortable plastic that is BPA-free. Once you obtain the braces, you will simply wear them throughout the day and remove them when eating and/or when you indulge in dental maintenance.

If you are interested in obtaining a beautiful smile, Family Orthodontics can help! Dr. Danny Bass and his associates are specially trained to handle a wide array of dental health issues and cosmetic procedures. This is made possible through the latest and most innovative treatment techniques and the state-of-the-art equipment located throughout the facility. To set up a consultation for Invisalign® braces, call Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida today at 561-762-6200.  For a limited time, families that elect to also sign up for orthodontic treatments that are comprehensive in nature will receive a FREE iPad*. This offer may not be used for Invisalign® treatment services.

  • Some restrictions apply for the free iPad offer.
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