Invisalign in Wellington, Florida

If you’ve avoided orthodontic care because of the appearance or discomfort of braces, we’ve got a brand new solution for you. We’re the leading provider of Invisalign in Wellington, Florida, and we’re thrilled at how it’s helping so many folks get the smile they’ve always wanted.

For many people, Invisalign is the ideal way to fix problems like crowding and crooked teeth. Rather than clunky brackets and wires, the system uses a graduating set of clear plastic aligners. These aligners are replaced every two weeks, and within just a few weeks, you’ll begin to notice the difference!

The system utilizes gentle yet strategic pressure with custom-made aligners, so you’ll experience far less soreness than you might with traditional braces. It’s a highly comfortable option, and after the first few days, most people hardly notice that the aligners are in place. You’ll be able to speak normally, and you’ll be able to eat anything.

Aside from the virtual invisibility of the aligners, one of the greatest things about this system is that the trays are removable. This makes eating and cleaning much easier. Unlike traditional braces, you can eat just about anything – no need to cut out crunchy or sticky foods (as long as you clean your teeth well afterward, of course).

We’ve also found that Invisalign contributes greatly to healthier gums as patients are able to maintain a good cleaning regimen throughout treatment. Of course, once teeth are straightened, the gums are much healthier for the long-term as well.

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