Invisalign in Zip Code 33414

A beautiful, healthy smile is about more than just appearance. While a great smile can be a real asset throughout life, properly aligned teeth and jaws are actually an important part of maintaining good overall health. When your teeth and jaws are crooked, you run the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and many other health problems.

Braces can look like a real hassle though, and many people avoid them for that reason. Lots of folks don’t like the idea of being a “metal mouth” either. If you’ve avoided braces for one reason or another, cheer up! Dr. Danny Bass is a leading provider of Invisalign in zip code 33414, and you might just be a good candidate for this treatment plan!

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment plan that uses a series of clear removable aligners to straighten teeth. The aligners are completely transparent, so you can carry on with life as usual without worrying about your looks. Many folks love Invisalign because they provide the benefits of braces without the hassle of cleaning, and numerous appointments for tightening and adjustment. You can easily remove the aligners to eat or drink, and flossing and brushing is much easier because you don’t have to work around clunky brackets and wires.

How Does It Work?

During your first appointment, we’ll take a variety of studies of your mouth, jaw and teeth. Using these studies, Invisalign will create a special set of aligners designed for your unique needs. Every two weeks, you’ll move on to the next set of aligners until your teeth have reached the desired positioning.

Find Out More!

Invisalign is a fantastic solution for many orthodontic issues. Give us a call today at 561-762-6200, and set up your first consultation for Invisalign in zip code 33414.

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