Kid’s Braces in Wellington, Florida from Family Orthodontics

Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida offers kid’s braces to children that require teeth straightening services in order to correct issues such as crooked teeth, suffer from an overbite, underbite or other complications associated with the misalignment of the teeth.

Family Orthodontics utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and the most technologically advanced treatments available today in orthodontic care. Not only does the facility focus on a patient’s comfort level, they also ensure that they make a patient’s visit as enjoyable as possible. The facility offers free Wi-Fi access for adults and an innovative game room for children.

If you want to improve your child’s smile and their self-confidence, Family Orthodontics will be able to help. In this guide, you will learn basic information pertaining to kid’s braces and the services offered at Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida.


Types of Kid’s Braces Available Today

While the technology associated with kid’s braces is ever-growing, there are three basic types of braces that may be acquired at Family Orthodontics. If you visit the facility and are interested in acquiring a different type of braces, be sure to inquire about the types that are available.

The selection is constantly expanding, and it is quite likely that the orthodontic treatment center has the type that you are in search of. When a child receives braces, they may consist of various types of wires and bands, as well as other types of corrective appliances that may be either fixed or removable. The following outlines the three most common types of kid’s braces offered at Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida:

  • Basic Bands – These types of braces are traditional in nature and consist of both brackets that are composed of metal and bands that are composed of metal. The brackets and the bands are soldered to each other and the braces are wrapped around each individual tooth.
  • Brackets – These types of braces are composed of many different materials – depending on which you prefer. There are many that are created with stainless steel pieces and others that are composed of ceramic that is the same color as the teeth. Then, there are some that are made of plastic. When these types of kid’s braces are selected, each bracket is firmly bonded to the front region of each tooth that is being treated.
  • Lingual Brackets – If you choose these types of kid’s braces, you will find that the brackets actually attach to the back side of each tooth. These assists in keeping the presence of the braces from plain view.


Treatment Time

One of the most common questions asked by parents that visit Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida is how long their child will need to wear the braces once they are placed in the mouth. There is no one answer. There are many factors that must be considered when it comes to the estimated amount of time that a child will have to wear kid’s braces. The following outlines these factors:

  • The severity of the child’s dental issues will play a large role in determining exactly how long they will be required to wear their braces.
  • The amount of room that the child has in their mouth is one of the factors that go into estimating how long the treatment will be required.
  • The overall health of the different components of the mouth such as the teeth and the gum will help estimate how long the braces will be required.

On average, most kids that receive braces from Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida will be required to wear the appliance for as little as one year, or as long as three years. Once the braces have been removed, the child will then likely be prescribed a retainer. In some cases, the retainer must be worn for as little as three months following the removal of the braces.

In other instances, a retainer may be required for up to two years following treatment. When you elect to use Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida for kid’s braces, the professionals at the facility will be able to customize a treatment plan tailored specifically for the child. This plan will include estimations of how long treatment will be required.


Free Consultation

Now that you have some basic information on Family Orthodontics and general information on kid’s braces, you should set up an appointment to determine if your child is a good candidate for the services offered by the orthodontic facility.

Not only does Family Orthodontics offer kid’s braces, but we also offer many technologically advanced treatments such as Invisalign, the Damon System, Digital Radiographs, Digital Charting, 3D Animations, high quality sterilization techniques, and much more!

At Family Orthodontics, you are sure to walk out with the smile that you desire and deserve! Set up your appointment today to find out what Family Orthodontics has to offer you and your child!

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