Non-Surgical Orthodontics in Lake Worth, Florida – Available from Family Orthodontics

If you have an open bite, over bite or under bite, you’ve likely been told that you need surgery to correct the problem. We’re happy to tell you that there are other options available! You can get the perfect smile and great dental health you want, without painful surgical intervention. Here at Family Orthodontics, we offer non-surgical orthodontic solutions to most orthodontic problems.

MEAW, or Multiloop Edgewise Arch Wire, is a highly specialized treatment that has been developed specifically for correcting bite problems without surgery. MEAW non-surgical treatment brings quick results, and can help patients avoid years of braces and painful adjustments.

Non-surgical orthodontic treatment in Lake Worth is fairly rare. In fact, very few orthodontists in the country offer this treatment, as it takes special formal training. Many orthodontists simply cannot commit the time required for the training and office visits.

Our specialists at Family Orthodontics are specially trained in the field, and proud to offer this service as just one more cutting-edge option for our patients. We feel that the benefits of non-surgical treatment can be truly astounding, and we’re always thrilled to see happy patients with bright new smiles.

With our non-surgical orthodontic treatment, you can get your bite problem corrected without worrying about painful surgery – and without spending years in braces! Give us a call to find out if you might be a candidate for non-surgical orthodontic treatment. Our skilled staff will walk you through the process, and use state of the art equipment to make the process as easy and pain-free as possible.

We love helping our patients get the bright, beautiful smiles they want – regardless of age or condition. We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to help you too.

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