Quick, Easy and Affordable Invisalign in Royal Palm Beach

Looking to improve your smile? Before you commit to months of braces, drop by Family Orthodontics and find out about easy and affordable Invisalign in Royal Palm Beach. Invisalign is so simple, so practical, and so much better than braces that you shouldn’t make a final decision without finding out all about this revolutionary system. This cutting edge technology is a brand new, brilliant way for people to get the smiles they want, and it’s an ideal solution for so many orthodontic issues.

If you’ve been thinking about braces for very long, you’ve probably been doing a bit of research. And if you’ve been doing some research, you’ve probably stumbled across Invisalign already. If you’ve seen the ads, you might be wondering if it really works as well as it claims to. Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s just too good to be true. We’re thrilled to say that Invisalign actually does all it promises to! It’s a tremendous solution for adults and teens with misalignment, crowding, or malocclusion.

Invisalign is a highly customized approach to orthodontic care. Every set of aligners is custom-made for the individual patient. Aligners are made using extensive scans, 3D studies, x-rays and more. Your orthodontist uses these studies to develop a personalized treatment plan just for you. All of those scans and studies are then sent off to Invisalign where your custom-made aligners are produced.

The wonderful thing about starting on easy and affordable Invisalign in Royal Palm Beach is that it’s a huge time-saver. The process is wonderfully streamlined, as most checkups are eliminated. Once your treatment is started, you do most of the work from there on out. You simply swap out your aligners every few weeks, and only visit occasionally to see how your treatment is progressing. No more lengthy appointments for tightening and adjustment – just smooth sailing on the way to a straight, beautiful smile!

As advanced as this system is, it is surprisingly affordable. In fact, it doesn’t cost much more than traditional braces. If you’re interested in finding out more about easy and affordable Invisalign in Royal Palm Beach, get in touch. You can reach us for appointment scheduling at 561-762-6200.

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