Below are a few examples of common treatments on patients that Dr. Danny Bass treated. We are adept at treating these issues and many more!


This young man had severe crowding with the upper left canine and both lower permanent canines blocked out of alignment with the rest of his teeth. His crowding affected his personality and desire to smile.

With the modern orthodontic techniques used in Family Orthodontics, crowding can usually be resolved without taking out teeth, as it was in this case. Now with straight teeth, he glows with a big confident smile!

Protruding Front Teeth

Protruding front teeth is a common problem, usually caused by flared upper incisors and deficient lower jaw growth.

Without surgery, Dr. Danny Bass was able to direct growth and tooth movement to get the teeth to fit together beautifully in a single comprehensive phase!

Open Bite

This young lady had an open bite, which occurs when the front teeth do not come together. This type of bite prevents the patient from being able to incise food.

She was told she would need surgery to correct her bite, but Dr. Danny Bass was able to give her a great bite with the MEAW Non-Surgical technique!


This patient had an “underbite,” otherwise known as a class III malocclusion, which is caused by a discrepancy in jaw growth with some combination of either deficient upper jaw growth and/or excessive lower jaw growth.

Dr. Danny Bass was able to give him the bite he always wanted, without needing surgery!

Impacted Canines

This patient had impacted canines, which occur when the teeth can not erupt through the bone, and will not erupt without help from an orthodontist.

Dr. Danny Bass was able to align her canines and give her the full smile she always wanted!

Deep Bite

This patient’s upper incisors covered most of her lower incisors- every time she would bite down, the lower incisors would hit the tissue on the palate behind the upper incisors, causing trauma.

Her bite was corrected, giving her a proper occlusion and alleviating the condition causing trauma.


Spacing is a common problem, and often occurs between the upper front teeth- this is called a diastema.

Dr. Danny Bass closed the space and placed a bonded retainer to make sure the space stays closed!

Early Treatment

The upper right central and lateral incisors and the lower right central incisor were in crossbite (upper front teeth behind lower front teeth.) This crossbite was causing the lower right central incisor to be mobile with soft tissue and bone destruction around the tooth.

The crossbites were corrected to preserve soft tissue and bone, the front teeth were aligned for a pretty smile, and the braces were removed after quick early treatment to wait for permanent teeth to erupt before correcting the bite.