Straight teeth are not just for kids anymore, adults deserve a beautiful smile too! A smile speaks volumes about a person, showing their personality, emotions, and overall self-presentation. Many adults have crooked teeth that affect their self-esteem, or bad bites that negatively affect their quality of life. However, most adults do not realize that with healthy bone and gum support, it is never too late to start orthodontics! Orthodontic treatment for adults is an increasingly popular aspect of dentistry that is improving the smiles and lives of adults everywhere!

Orthodontic treatment for adults is important because it can improve a number of aspects of the patient’s dental health and smile. By aligning and straightening the teeth, they become much easier to clean for the patient and the hygienist. This alignment will not only improve the aesthetics of the smile, but also the health of the bone and gum tissue, and ultimately the longevity of the teeth. Another big improvement for adults that undergo orthodontic treatment is correcting the bite. By correcting the bite, patients can experience more comfort and function in eating. If a change in profile is desired, surgical correction of the bite can dramatically improve facial aesthetics.

Dr. Danny Bass offers several treatment options for adults depending on patient needs and desires. These options can range from minor tooth movement to improve the aesthetics of just the front teeth taking only a few months (short term orthodontics by an expert), comprehensive treatment with Invisalign clear trays or beautiful tooth colored braces AND tooth colored wires (without tooth colored wires in addition to the braces, there is still a “metal mouth” appearance), or orthodontic treatment with surgical correction to improve the bite and profile.

Orthodontic treatment is a smart investment in your dental, physical, and emotional health. Call Family Orthodontics for a complimentary consult today and get started towards the smile and bite you have always wanted!