We are proud to offer Pure braces to our patients! We also use tooth colored wires with the Pure braces, so you have the most aesthetic smile possible with braces!

PURE® Patient Aesthetics

This macro photograph shows the clarity of the flawless PURE brackets. Made from pure monocrystalline sapphire for a bracket system with the highest transparency available for outstanding aesthetics. Nearly invisible against any tooth shade and stays crystal clear without staining.

PURE® Patient Comfort

Each PURE bracket has been diamond and heat polished to produce rounded, smooth corners for uncompromised patient comfort. The small bracket size and low profile design also provide a desirable bracket both clinicians and patients will appreciate. The PURE brackets are also functional, the tie wings are easy to ligate, exceptionally strong and highly fracture resistant.

PURE® Bond Strength

SEM photographs show the unique Double Fusing Method (DFM). The PURE bonding base is coated with zirconia powder creating millions of undercuts that mechanically lock with the bracket adhesive. This process allows for secure retention during the length of treatment and provides for predictable debonding at the end of treatment.

PURE® Contoured Base

The anatomical bracket base contour allows for quick and easy bracket placement. The customized tooth specific design fits the tooth curvatures perfectly to increase bond strength and make bonding appointments a breeze.