The benefits and options for Wellington Invisalign

Did you know that most people with any kind of malocclusion are extremely self-conscious? You may not immediately realize it, but many folks with crooked teeth go through their lives without ever smiling big and bright. We aim to change that for good!

If you’ve avoided orthodontic treatment due to the inconvenience, discomfort and embarrassment of wearing braces, we’ve got an outstanding solution for you! Dr. Danny Bass is a leading Wellington Invisalign provider, and we’re thrilled to offer this revolutionary orthodontic treatment.

What’s so Special About Invisalign?

In years past, orthodontic work involved a major commitment to a mouth full of metal. For that reason alone, many adults avoided orthodontic treatment. Top that off with dietary restrictions, time-consuming cleaning procedures, and regular appointments for tightening, and it’s no wonder that more folks didn’t commit to braces.

Fortunately, Invisalign changes all that! The Invisalign treatment eliminates the need for fixed brackets and bulky wires by using a series of virtually invisible plastic aligners. These aligners are custom-made to treat your unique condition, and you can essentially “self-treat” by changing out your aligner every two weeks. Each new aligner shifts your teeth a little further into position, gradually creating a perfect smile for you. And because these aligners are removable, you can eat whatever you want and clean your teeth easily.

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As you can imagine, we’re pretty excited about Invisalign and all that it’s doing to help our patients achieve beautiful smiles. So if you’ve avoided orthodontic treatment for years, now may be a great time to start.

Come visit us today and let us transform your life with a beautiful, new smile! Call us at 561.762.6200, and schedule your consultation with Dr. Danny Bass to discuss the benefits and options for Wellington Invisalign treatment.

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