The Benefits of Obtaining Damon Braces in Wellington, Florida from Family Orthodontics

There are numerous benefits associated with obtaining Damon braces in Wellington, Florida with Family Orthodontics. While these types of braces are considered to be revolutionary among those that are professional orthodontists, they are also considered to be exceptionally popular among those that desire to have a beautiful smile. Traditionally, many individuals that require braces find that their dental specialist must remove completely healthy teeth in order to adjust the space in the mouth for the purpose and intent of straightening the teeth. In other instances, uncomfortable palatal extenders must be utilized in order to create space that is necessary for the application of braces. By utilizing Damon braces in Wellington through Family Orthodontics, you may avoid these types of complications. In this orthodontic health guide, you will learn the advantages associated with choosing Damon braces in Wellington, Florida.

When visiting the certified Damon braces doctors at Family Orthodontics in Wellington, Florida, you will learn many interesting facts pertaining to the specially designed braces. First, you will learn that these types of braces treat dental problems more quickly than traditional braces. You will discover that you will require fewer appointments to track the progression of your treatment and that you will experience greater degrees of comfort when using Damon braces in Wellington. It is quite likely that the specialist that you will consult with will also inform you of the results associated with the braces in case studies, which is always of the highest quality. There are three main reasons why these types of braces are the preferred choice among professionals at Family Orthodontics. They are as follows:

  1. The Damon braces in Wellington are considered to be self-ligating, in a passive manner. This means that you will not have to ensure the challenges often associated with braces that use metal ties and the uncomfortable tightening that occurs with these types of ties.
  2. The wires that are used with Damon braces are considered to be technologically advanced in that they are able to successfully conform to the shape of your teeth, with ease. As a result, your teeth will straighten more quickly and you will have to endure far fewer adjustments throughout the course of your treatment.
  3. When you receive traditional braces, it is quite common to undergo uncomfortable extractions. In some instances, you may have to have palatal expanders placed in the mouth that expand the region in a rapid manner. Naturally, this results in high levels of discomfort. However, by using Damon braces, you have the ability to avoid facing these issues.


Straight teeth are essential for a beautiful smile. If you want a discreet and comfortable treatment to align your teeth and help you achieve the smile that you have always desired, Damon braces in Wellington, Florida through Family Orthodontics will prove to be the best choice for your individual needs. The professionals at Family Orthodontics strive to provide the most technologically advanced for the most challenging dental issues at the best prices.

Dr. Danny Bass and the other professionals at Family Orthodontics believe that everyone should be entitled to a beautiful smile – regardless of needs and budgeting requirements. Call today at 561-762-6200 to set up a free consultation to determine if Damon braces in Wellington are right for you. If your family signs up for comprehensive dental coverage, you may even receive a FREE iPad*!

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