The Best Children’s Orthodontist in Zip Code 33414

If you’re new in town, one of your biggest priorities is probably to find great dental and medical care for yourself and your family. Choosing a children’s orthodontist can be tricky, because they must not only have the technical skill, but they need to be able to relate well to your kids. Dental and orthodontic care is never “fun”, so it’s really important that you find an orthodontist who can put your kids at ease and make the process as enjoyable and painless as possible.

As the best children’s orthodontist in 33414, Dr. Danny Bass knows how important that personal care can be. Every child is a little different, and each one has unique needs. As a parent himself, Dr. Danny is great at bringing that unique touch to every interaction with his little patients. Whether you’re looking for a great orthodontist right here in town, or you’re planning a move elsewhere and need help finding a great new orthodontist, here are some of our best tips on finding and choosing the best care for your kids.

1. Check Accreditation

Don’t be shy about asking questions – and one of your first questions should be about accreditation. A good kids’ orthodontist should be accredited with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. It’s an easy question to ask, and the answer will play a big part in your final decision.

2. Check Policies

Here again, don’t be shy. You know your kids, and you know their unique needs. If your kids need you in the room with them during treatment, make sure that you’ll be allowed to attend. Each orthodontist has different policies, so find one that fits your family’s needs.

3. Get Recommendations

Of course, we always tell our patients that the very best way to find a good healthcare provider for your family is through recommendations. Ask family and friends about their experiences – either good or bad – and you’ll quickly narrow your search down.

If you’re new to town or you’re looking for a new orthodontist for your kids, we’d love it if you gave us a try. Dr. Danny is considered by many to be the best children’s orthodontist in 33414. We hope you’ll agree! Give us a call at 561-762-6200.

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