The Different Types of Kid’s Braces in Greenacres, Florida

Obviously, choosing the right type of braces for your kid is a big decision. On average, a child will need to wear braces for at least a year (and possibly as long as three years). Because braces are a long-term commitment, it’s important to pick the right type for your child.

Of course, your child’s unique condition and situation may dictate the exact type that he needs; however, our specialists at Superior Orthodontics will help you to decide on the perfect treatment plan for your kid’s braces in Greenacres, Florida.

Here are the four basic types of braces that can be used to straighten kids’ teeth:

Traditional Ligature Braces

This is the most common type of braces, and the one most folks think about when they consider braces. Ligature braces require fixed brackets on the teeth, along with wires fixed with rubber bands (a.k.a. – ligatures). Ligature braces require regular (usually monthly) appointments for tightening.

While ligature braces have a bad reputation, and most kids don’t like the idea of being a “metal mouth”, this style of braces has come a long way in recent years. Modern ligature braces aren’t nearly as bulky as they used to be, and now you can even choose brackets that are clear, enamel, or white so that they don’t stand out as much.

Self-Litigating Braces

Self-litigating braces are the next step up from traditional braces. This type of braces doesn’t require rubber bands to keep the wires in place, so that means fewer appointments and no “tightening”. They look similar to traditional style braces; however, self-litigating braces are generally a little lighter and less “clunky”.

Lingual Braces

This is a very popular option because the braces are placed behind the teeth instead of in front. This is a tricky process though, and not many orthodontists offer it. It’s also not suitable for all conditions.

Removable Aligners

Removable aligners like Invisalign are one of the most recent developments in the world of orthodoncy. Rather than a fixed set of braces, aligners can be inserted and removed when necessary. This isn’t always the best option for kids though, since a child won’t often keep his aligners in long enough to do any real good.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of kid’s braces that Family Orthodontics has to offer to those in Greenacres, please contact us today to schedule your no cost consultation today.

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