The Family Orthodontist in Sunny Palm Beach Makes Going to the Dentist Fun

Do you look forward to your orthodontics visit? Residents of Palm Beach, Florida know that a visit to orthodontist Dr. Danny Bass at Family Orthodontics is a reason to be happy because he enjoys treating crooked teeth and improper bites. The brief time it takes for your teeth to be realigned will result in a lifetime of beautiful smiles. That alone makes each appointment fun.

Patients are frequently nervous when they arrive for their initial consultation. Even though the office looks a lot like your dentist’s office, you’ll want to get acquainted with our practice and the types of services and treatments offered. It’s definitely fun to learn the first consultation is free. We understand you’re still learning about all the options available and feel honored that you are considering Family Orthodontics.

You won’t see the headgear so commonly associated with braces when you arrive at our office. That happy news is thanks in part to state of the art technology in orthodontics. We believe the positive experience our Palm Beach families deserve is easier to achieve when we bypass complicated headgear in favor of other options.

It is fun to know that our office features free Wi-Fi internet so you can stay connected with the outside world until your appointment time arrives. Younger children stay entertained in the kid zone, while older patients enjoy the video game room. It’s a treat to participate in our Seasonal Contests and Patient Incentive Programs. Perhaps you’ll win one of the prizes!

Dr. Danny Bass DMD, MS will meet with you and discuss how orthodontics can correct the problems found in your exam and when treatment will start. You’ll be able to see the imprint of your current bite and a projected display of how your teeth will look after treatment. We invite Palm Beach residents who need our services to call Family Orthodontics today at 561-762-6200.

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