The Family Orthodontist in West Palm Beach Makes Going to the Dentist Fun

Most people don’t see a dental appointment as something fun, or something to look forward to. The main reason is that numerous dentists fail to make patients feel comfortable by explaining the procedures and having a friendly approach.

The situation is quite different for West Palm Beach patients that have chosen Family Orthodontics as their clinic. The experience of an orthodontist isn’t the only factor to take into consideration when choosing a dental professional. Their communication style and approach will also matter.

At Family Orthodontics, we’re committed to making patients feel comfortable – to feel that they’re a part of our family. Our friendly approach, the polite staff and the desire to answer any questions that patients may have, all resulted in a stellar reputation and a high level of post-procedure satisfaction.

We work with many children and teens and we understand that such procedures can be quite challenging for young people. The clinic’s orthodontist has the experience and the right approach to help kids relax and even have a good time at Family Orthodontics.

Speaking of the clinic’s orthodontist…

Family Orthodontics relies on the experience and the professionalism of orthodontists like Dr. Danny Bass – one of the top West Palm Beach dental experts in the field. Dr. Bass knows how to put his patients at ease and make them laugh. Many kids consider him the best orthodontist and this recognition is a truly important one for us.

In addition to having the right approach, Dr. Bass gives parents and their kids options. There are numerous types of braces to choose from. At Family Orthodontics, you’ll get a detailed explanation and a recommendation. Having a good idea about your options and knowing that you can choose from several possibilities will be another essential for feeling confident about your clinic selection.

Not confident yet? Come and pay us a visit – we’ll be glad to show you the facilities and acquaint you with the orthodontic procedures that we can perform. Give us a call today at 561-762-6200 or email us at

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