Treating Facial Asymmetry with Non-Surgical Orthodontics in Royal Palm Beach, Florida

most folks see surgery as the only solution. Here at Family Orthodontics, we’re challenging that trend – and offering an alternative! We want people to be aware that facial asymmetry problems can be corrected with non-surgical orthodontics in Royal Palm Beach, Florida!

What is Facial Asymmetry?

Facial or skeletal asymmetry describes a lack of proportion in the facial features. This can be caused by a trauma like a jaw fracture, or a defect like a cleft palate; but more commonly, it’s the result of poor habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing or tongue thrust swallow patterns.

It’s important to correct these problems, as they can prevent proper jaw growth, hinder effective jaw movement, make proper chewing difficult, and even cause uneven or abnormal wear on the teeth. When faced with asymmetry problems, most specialists will recommend corrective jaw surgery.

Why Avoid Surgery?

Aside from the obvious discomfort and expense, there are a number of other reasons why the non-surgical route may be best. Surgery is an invasive and complicated process that involves cutting and re-setting the jawbone. After the reconstructive work is done, the jaw must be bolted back into place for the duration of the healing process. On top of that, patients must endure one or more years of full-mouth braces before surgery can even be performed – followed by more braces after surgery!

The surgical route can produce good results; however, there’s no guarantee that the painful, involved process will bring the desired solution. In addition, patients run the risk of complications like permanent nerve damage or permanent numbness in the face.

The Non-Surgical Route

At Family Orthodontics, we aim to create smiles that are both beautiful and healthy. We work on straightening teeth and correcting asymmetry while protecting the structural integrity of your teeth and jaw. We rely on non-surgical, non-extraction orthodontic treatments to correct your profile and align your bite and jawline.

Our specialists have years of experience in perfecting smiles the non-surgical way, and our hands-on, individually tailored approach will provide you with the superior results you’re looking for. If you’ve been told you need surgery to correct a bite or alignment problem, don’t despair. We’ve got solutions, and we’re happy to help. Give us a call and see what we can do to provide a non-surgical orthodontic solution.

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