Where to Find Affordable Children’s Braces in the West Palm Beach Area

Does your child need braces? Then come and visit Family Orthodontics and find out all about our options for affordable children’s braces in the West Palm Beach area. The days of clunky headgear and exorbitant prices are long gone. Now parents have multiple options for treatment, and pricing is truly affordable no matter what your budget looks like. We’re committed to providing affordable orthodontic care, so come on in and let us get your kids on the way to healthy, beautiful smiles.

What Types of Braces are Available for Children?

Today, parents have options, and we’re happy to be able to help parents decide on the best course of action for their kids. Tell us what your biggest concerns are, and we’ll help you to find the most practical solution for affordable children’s braces in the West Palm Beach area.

There are four types of braces that are usually used for kids. Metal braces are the most common, and typically the most affordable; however, there are three other types that can deliver comparable results without the visible brackets and wires. The type of braces you choose is affected in part by your child’s condition, and in part by the personal preference of you and your child.

Metal braces are the most economical approach, and they’ve become increasingly effective at straightening teeth. New braces technology has enabled us to get the job done faster and with less discomfort.

Lingual braces are a second option, if your child does need braces but doesn’t want the visible brackets. These braces are fitted on the inner side of the teeth, facing the tongue. Each brace is designed to fit each individual tooth, so it’s a smooth and nearly invisible solution for the self-conscious child.

Clear braces are a third option, and while they’re fitted on the outside of the teeth, they’re made from a composite material that matches the teeth. They’re not invisible, but they are discreet.

Finally, Teen Invisalign is a great option if your child only needs minor corrections. The system is fully invisible, but it does take more of a commitment on your part to make sure that your child wears them at all times.

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